Principal’s Message – Carisbrook School, Venkriyala Village, Yadadri District

Purpose of education starts with how good you live and ends with livelihood.

Education has a lot to do with “Educating and being Educated”; though the concept of education inherited from ages remains the same. It is not only getting educated through books but also learn as we go along from our daily experiences. It is rather simple “what we learn at an early age will carry with us till the last”.


Apart from pursuing education we believe that the core values of life are equally essential in an individual. People have become more optimistic about education and less concerned with the core values, the sheen of core values are gradually fading away from our society.  We at ‘Carisbrook School’ are determined to train a student in conjunction with education and core values and develop them into a perfect human being.


Now that the education system is going through a radical transformation from Bookish to Technological based, the present and future generations are more inclined towards the modern technology and its advancements are already felt in our lives. The children are keener in learning and grasp things quickly through modern technology than the classical approach, but we still believe in following the best methods of traditional teaching.  We at Carisbrook School have ample experience and an upper hand in education using modern technology.


We are introducing a concept called Learn with Fun, a concept that dwells in every human being. Kids have the tendency to learn things more quickly when the teaching methodologies are affectionate enough.  As in elders they like to work more eagerly in a place where the work culture is more likable. We are still at the introductory stages of this concept and we anticipate full support and admiration from parents to inculcate this concept.


In our strive to meet the above said, we at Carisbrook School will cherish Learn with Fun and Discipline to be the prime aspects in setting up the Teaching Pedagogy.

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